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Beard Balm

Beard Balm

  • 100% US MADE
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With notes of coffee and fresh bergamot, The Grind gets your day started right. Now go get 'em.

This beard balm is made with natural oils that enrich your entire beard, from the roots to the ends of each hair. The pure beeswax gives you the ability to tame your beast of a beard without harsh chemicals that damage hair and dry out your skin.

It comes in a 2 oz. metal tin that's perfect for taking it on the go, so you can keep your beard looking dapper at all times.

Application: Scoop a dime-sized amount from the tin (use more depending on the size of your beard), rub between your palms until it has melted. Apply to your beard and style. *Please note that these beard balms contain Sweet Almond Oil. If you are allergic to nuts, please contact us so we can find the right product for you.

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