Relaxed. Refined. Rugged.

At Rugged Legacy Grooming Supply, we create products that awaken the rugged spirit inside every man. Unlike other brands, we design our products with all-natural oils and scents, made right here in the USA. 


At Rugged Legacy Grooming Supply, we believe that there's nothing toxic about being a man. In fact, we're damn proud of it. We embrace the responsibility to protect and provide, but we also know that every man has a desire to be free.


Our products are made for the man who longs to escape to the high mountains, the rough seas, the deep forest. They're made for the man who is unafraid to face any challenge, whether in the wilderness or in the office. They're made for the man who knows the importance of leaving a lasting impression on everyone he meets.


For the accountant. For the mechanic. For the teacher. For you.


Rugged Legacy Grooming Supply Company was born more out of necessity than impulse. Everywhere I looked, I saw the concept of manhood being attacked. Many would have us believe that being a man is something to be ashamed of.


It's my belief that we should never be afraid to be men. We should never turn our backs on the work that our ancestors did to get us where we are today. We should never ignore our responsibility to protect and provide for the ones we love.


We should be proud to be men, and that pride should reveal itself in the way we present ourselves. So I set out to create a brand that embodies the essence of manhood. I wanted to give men high-quality products that would instantly transport them to a place we all long for - fresh air, cold water, wood and earth. Our natural habitat.


That's exactly what our products do. We use all-natural ingredients to create something more masculine and more sophisticated than anything you'll find on supermarket shelves. Our products are designed to help you look and smell your best, without sacrificing an ounce of masculinity.


So whatever you do today, take pride in who you are. Look like a man. Smell like a man. Act like a man. You're in good company.



The Rugged Legacy Team