Order Restored

Nature doesn't play by our rules.

It moves in an autonomous cycle purely of its own volition. You see, the space between our brains...the lizard part of the brain...can't be turned off. We're built to survive. To fight. No amount of taming can be done to such beasts. You see it all the time when someone gets the idea to adopt a baby tiger and raise it as a house cat. Sure it’s cute and cuddly and playful at first, but then something happens. Something buried deep down in its hardware gets triggered, activated like a breaker being thrown on a machine that hadn’t been properly locked and tagged out. If your hand is anywhere near the pinch points, your gonna lose that hand.

You see, the machine doesn’t follow the safety guidelines written by some lackey in an oversized white button-down and scuffed loafers. The machine only knows that it has one purpose, to operate as it was built. That tiger is the same way. All it knows is tooth and claw and muscle and blood. It’s not built to do anything else but kill and eat and mate. Sure, you can teach it a few tricks and maybe things will go well for a time, but something that is only built to kill is eventually going to kill. It’s a like a bomb that doesn’t explode. It only has one singular purpose and to deprive it of that purpose is damn near impossible and dangerous as hell. More times than not, a bomb is taken to a safe area and detonated, fulfilling its destiny.

It’s much easier to move everyone back and out of harm’s way than it is to stop destiny.

Today you see weakness being lauded as virtuous because we now live in an age of convenience and luxury. The strong are mocked and ostracized because they aren't needed anymore. Or are they? History has proven otherwise.

The problem began some centuries ago when Man tried to become civilized. All for the sake of creating a community, the tribes were torn apart by progress and peace. This sounds good on paper but the rules jotted down in haste were written by the hand of Man, not nature. Nature has one rule above all else. The rule that can’t be broken. It’s that the useful survive and the useless don’t. Anything that doesn’t add value to the ecosystem is gotten rid of. When we started building societies we cast out the savages. We pushed them out beyond the confines of the city walls that were built to keep us safe. After all, if we have walls, then what need do we have of the savage, or the strong? We created a sense of security through perceived safety. But something happened. Remember the tiger? A breaker was thrown and those within the walls began to function as their chassis was built to.

Man isn't biologically designed to live this way. Our species relies more on our primal ingrained survival instincts than it would like to admit. The damning and curbing of our most natural selves is going to result in either catastrophic results or mutation. Yes, Mutation. Not of the human body itself, but of society. Man is going to subconsciously subvert itself because those wild yet biological traits and tendencies are pushing at this very minute for a return to homeostasis.

Nature can only be suppressed for so long until it’s unleashed in all of its awesome fury. Without prompting, those within the walls of the hollow courtesy created by society ended up created their own tribes. Their own communities, distrustful and abhorrent of the others that did the same. Except now, now there were no open lands to retreat to. Now they were imprisoned within the very walls they had built to protect them and had become the very thing they sought to keep out, savages in their own right. The began tearing at one another, further creating the very divide they sought so adamantly to close.

It’s funny to me. They were afraid of the savages. And because of that fear they laughed at them and professed that they weren’t needed anymore, that they served no real purpose within this new utopian dream they had created. All this arrogance and sanctimony as they looked down their noses only to turned on one another like the Capos in the gulags, creating enemies of themselves and each other and all the while the savages that refused to conform to the status quo looked on from beyond the wall as the cities burned from within.

Man likes to forget that nature gets a vote. The code isn’t written on some piece of software. The part of the brain that can’t be turned off by any means is it’s most base part. The animal part. The part that formed over millions of years to survive the megafauna with nothing but fire and stone. Some call it the lizard part of the brain, this fits best. It can’t be turned off because it isn’t something that gets taught during conscious awakening.

No, this is something that’s within the hardware of every cell of every fiber of every nerve. That raw, primal urge to eat, mate, and kill. The part that society pretended was an optional feature came flying out of the darkness and began to devour them all. The evidence is right in front of your nose. The sapling has been pulled taught as far as it can go and all it's going to take at this point is for the holders grip to slip just an inch and the whole thing is going to snap back in a violent over-correction attempting to return thing to their natural order.

Nature always gets the majority vote.

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