Depravity. Debauchery. Indifference.

Depravity. Debauchery. Indifference.

These are the things that are being praised in modern society. How have we allowed ourselves to have fallen so far so quickly? How have we let ourselves become a people so enthralled with the wicked? How can we ever return? Can we at all?

The conscience of society has swung far to the point of breaking, tension building, energy being stored up up, stressing the bounds of tolerance. Everywhere you look people seem to be competing with one another as to who can exhibit the most outrageous and immoral behavior, leaving a swath of hatred and division in the frothy wake. But there is a caveat, it seems. A counter-culture of sorts rising in pockets everywhere comprised of good Men and Women who see the status quo as a cancer that must be cut out. But cutting isn't enough. The cause of the cancer must be dealt with as well.

And what exactly, is the cause of the societal cancer that has now metastasized and spread across the body?

In a word, Tolerance.

Someone once said, "You are what you tolerate.", and this could not be more true especially in today's climate. Social Justice Warriors screaming at the world that we must be tolerant of all behaviors immoral and disgusting. From pedophilia, to the unwarranted attacks against anyone and everyone they disagree with, to the shaming of all things masculine and virtuous. Their actions the antithesis of what they claim to be in support of and they have lit the fuse that now cannot be snuffed out.

For years we have seen the effects of indifference cascading into an avalanche as people stood idly by and did nothing. But now all of that is changing. People have had enough and are fighting back, drawing lines in the sand, and sharpening their axes for the battle that is inevitably coming. No more are people content with sitting on the sidelines of history while their way of life, their very lives, and their code of Honor is violated. What we see now is the spark of a revolution. The battle for the hearts and minds is in full force and only the most radically depraved will remain unswayed. Cancel culture has begun to fail as more and more people are coming to the realization that the loud masses have no real power other than fear.

As more and more begin to rise against the masses call for moral ambiguity, the more the pendulum is beginning to swing in the other direction. A hard correction is coming. It will not be pretty. It will be a fight. Nothing is more dangerous than an animal backed into a corner, as you will soon see. But the question is this. Who was backed into a corner? The depraved? Or the ones who have finally had enough?

The time for tolerance is over. No more are we looking at the corruption of our children and society and sitting back letting it unfold unchecked. Those that prey on others are due for a reckoning. A war for the soul of humanity is being fought now. The battleground, our very homes and streets and minds. Look to those willing to stand for the moral right. Not just the legal right. Laws created and enforced by the morally corrupt are null and void. Those that seek to destroy goodness and righteousness are going to fall to the hands of the ones willing to damn the consequences and set things right.

Which side are you going to be on?

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