5 Quick Tips to Being More Rugged

Tired of being the "Pretty Boy"? Not being taken seriously? Couldn't scare away the guy hitting on your girl with your thousand yard stare? It's okay. You can do something about it. You just need to add a little rugged to your repertoire.

1. Ditch The Baby Face

I'm not suggesting that you go straight Grizzly Adams, but you do need some scruff on that face. At least a few days of growth. The clean shaven look leaves you looking like an innocent little boy, or at the very least, boring. The right amount of scruff on your face can give you a more rugged and manly look that makes you look a little more dangerous. Just make sure that you keep it maintained.

2. Get Outside

Nothing says rugged quite as well a man in the wilderness. Go on long camping trips or hikes. Breath in that untamed frontier. At a man's base is a beast just chomping at the bit. Let it slip the leash. That farmers tan from being out in the sun is much better looking than a fake bake.

3. Find a Manly Hobby

Fantasy football ain't it, bro. Find something that going to test you mentally as well as physically. Why not take up Ax Throwing. Who was more manly than the Vikings? No one.

4. Change up the Wardrobe

What you wear says more about you than most men would care to admit. The man that thinks how he looks doesn't matter is the same guy who's mad that he was given a fake number at the bar. Classic style patterns and neutral colors such as gray, navy, and olive green are good starts. Tweed, Wool, Leather, jackets with Finished Twill, and Corduroy are your friends along with classic flannel. If you are still having trouble, consult @Tannerguzy on Twitter.

5. Get in Shape

Broad sturdy shoulders, powerful arms, and a big chest scream ruggedness. If you want to naturally boost your testosterone and turn yourself into the beast your were born to be, grab the pull up bar and get to work.

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