Rugged: A bearded metaphor for life

If you are on the Rugged Legacy Grooming blog, I’d imagine, you have quite some magnificent facial hair.

That isn’t just a display of masculinity.

Actually one of the last things that can’t be invaded by feminists: because they literally can’t grow a beard.

But your manly beard is more than that.

It is also a lesson.

An important one. Because it takes time.

Slow down, young man

See, growing a beard takes a lot of time. You can’t just go from no beard to looking like Jeff in a day. It takes time, effort, passion for it, and support. Just like a woman needs time to grow really long hair. To make her look feminine. As well as it does take a while to grow your manly beard, to make you look masculine.

It takes time to raise kids before they are developed enough to be send into the world alone.

It takes time to build a house before it provides shelter for you.

And it takes time to build a business before it finally brings enough revenue to cover costs.

Anything worthwhile always takes time.

But our current society has it all backward. People get mad when their newest, totally unnecessary “plaything” from Amazon isn’t delivered within the next two days. Screw that, same-day delivery or bust! They get irritated if a website loads longer than two seconds. If the app on their Phone doesn’t open immediately.

Every second in your life needs to be filled to the brink.

You lost patience.

And patience is not only a virtue. It is mandatory if you want to achieve anything.

Grow with patience

I like the fact that the English language uses the word “grow” to grow a beard. Because growth is really what it is. Not just physically, but metaphorically. As I said, the patience you need to bring to grow your beard, also makes you grow as a person. Now this might sound silly, because it grows on its own. But you do realize, that for most guys, if they just let their beard grow without proper grooming, it looks stupid.

So you can’t just wait on things.

You need to work on it.

And this requires even more patience. At first, you won’t see any results. Then slowly, something will appear. You might even look stupid in between. Well, that’s pretty certain. But if you keep pushing, working on it, supporting it, not giving up, you will come out as a winner.

Did I just describe growing a beard? Or building a business? Or changing yourself? Or raising your kids?

Read it again, with these things in mind:

At first, you won’t see any results. Then slowly, something will appear. You might even look stupid in between. Well, that’s pretty certain. But if you keep pushing, working on it, supporting it, not giving up, you will come out as a winner.

This principle always stays. And it is deeply ingrained in your biology. Even in this fast-paced society, where there’s never enough time, this principle still holds. As it has been said a million times, if you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else has.

And what does the majority have?

No energy, crippling debt, no sex-life, spoiled brats as kids, a “dad-bod”, tons of diseases, and nothing to look forward to other than the next Netflix show which is just the same as the last one, with different fake people.

Patience is still greatly rewarded in life. Society might make it look like it isn’t, but you’re wrong. Most successful actors, authors, businessmen, musicians, etc. worked hard without any fame for years. A lot of them started as bartenders in night-shifts, or laying bricks in the burning sun. It took them a lot of patience and hard work, before they finally got rewarded.

Healthy acceptance

You’re probably familiar with the “accept yourself” movement which is just a ploy to keep people useless. But acceptance is right, you need to accept who you are right now. Just not that you will be the same person in five years.

Maybe I pictured you a few paragraphs prior, as the lazy, Netflix-binging person. Sorry, not sorry. But it’s fine. We all made mistakes, I was crippled by mortgage myself. The important part is to not stay like that, and actively work on it. To be different in the future.

And it will take time. If anyone is selling you a quick solution to virtually any of your problems, it is exactly that; selling.

Accept who you are now, there is no point in hating yourself for where you are in life. But set goals, and make plans to become someone better. It really doesn’t matter what you want to achieve.

Maybe it is “just” growing a full, magnificent beard. Fine. Start with that, and realize what it takes. Patience.

And maybe you can build on that, and become a model. Or start a blog about it. Whatever you want to do.

Just realize, you won’t see results tomorrow. Not even next month. Maybe not even next year. But if you put in enough patience, you will get what you always wanted.

And you’ll have a nice beard while achieving it.

–Alexander Reich

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