Monsters in the Dark

The world of Men has always been centered around the mastery of fire. For centuries Man has used fire to keep the darkness form devouring them. The packs of yellow eyes and sharp teeth that wait just beyond the edge of the light are kept at bay by its promise of destruction to those foolish enough to come close enough.

Right now the world is seemingly spinning out of control. The quarantines and lock downs have led to a mass of scarcity mindsets causing people to hoard resources out of fear of being caught unprepared.

Peoples lives are being changed dramatically by the hour and with that change comes uncertainty, and with that uncertainty, fear is beginning to wrap it’s icy fingers around the masses.

Fear has a way of bringing out the worst in people. You take away control and the familiar in someones life and they will naturally switch over into into survival mode. They cast aside their reason and humanity while they scramble frantically to regain that control over their lives that they once had and took for granted in their complacency.

It is in time like these that Men are looked to, to rise and seize control of the chaos and bring it to order.

For the Man, it is his duty to lead his wife and children effectively through the darkness by taking his fire, his masculine energy and setting a blaze to the darkness. That darkness is fear, uncertainty, and instability. He must be the stone that under which they can take shelter, that fire from which they can find warmth and light.

While there is nothing certain under the sun, the Man must break that rule. He must be the only absolute amidst the chaos.

There has never been a time for Men to panic, least of all when the ones that they are charged with protecting are looking to them to guide them. He must have full control of his emotions and facilities.

Just today while out shopping with my wife we saw the barren aisles and the masses of people in a frenzy filling their carts with whatever they could get their hands on.

She turned to me and said, “It’s kind of scary.”

Honestly, it kind of is. While we have plenty of food stocked at our house to maintain us for a few months, it’s the unpredictability of people that is the most cause for concern. However, It’s my job as a Man to be the stone, the fire that cuts a light through the darkness for her and my children.

While the world may be in a free spin, I, you have a duty to bring it all to bear within the perimeter of your own fire for all of those that seek warmth within it.

Your job when everyone else is losing their heads, is to keep yours. Your family is going to feed off of the energy to exhibit in front of them. I’m not telling you to be an emotionless robot, but you must have control of yourself enough that when they look to you, they see someone who is willing as well as able to handle anything that comes their way.

Fear and darkness go hand in hand. It’s what lurks in the dark, unseen and unknown that people fear most. You must burn a fire big enough to keep the monsters beyond the edge of the firelight.

This thing that we are all going through, this virus that no one can seem to make heads or tails of, is one day going to pass and be a distant memory. When those days arrive, how will you be remembered? Will it be as the Man who kept his head and led his family with light? Or will it be as the Man who succumbed to the darkness and let himself and his family be devoured?

Strike the match.

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