Is All the World Jails and Churches?

“F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”,
-Rage Against The Machine

A few days ago we all got to watch as city officials dumped massive piles of sand onto a skate park because (big surprise) some “lazy skater kids” stuck their middle fingers to the MAN and kept skating.

Today’ we all got to see what happens when some kids decide to think for themselves rather than be told what to think and do. Those same “lazy skater punks” grabbed some buckets, shovels, and push brooms to turn the skate park into a dirt bike park (and still got the other half back to skate worthy)

I say good for them.

I’m sick and tired of seeing “badasses” LARP online about about individualism and freedom only to the clutch at their pearls when they see someone actually being free. I see so many people screaming at the top of their lungs about the virus and social distancing (I hate that phrase) and then turn right around and from atop their soapbox talk about how the government has too much power.

The hypocrisy is palpable.

This isn’t about anarchy or recklessness. This is about drawling lines in the sand (pun intended).

You’ve heard it before that America doesn’t have a culture. I call bullshit. Our culture is purely and simply “F*CK YOU”. This nation was built on rebellion. We’ve told kings to to piss off and killed the men he sent after us.

Rebelling is who we are.

Hunter Drew sent out an email a while back talking about how the “because I said so” parents are turning their children into mindless government drones and he is 100% on point.

I want my kids to question authority. Yes, even mine. I don’t want them to develop the mindset that someone else knows whats best for them. They aren’t stupid. If I tell them not to climb a tree because they could fall and get hurt and they turn right around and pad the entire area around said tree with giant piles of straw and hay, GOOD FOR THEM. They are using critical thinking and problem solving skills.

That’s something that seems like it’s been lost upon the majority of people today from every generation still living.
It seems like nearly everyone today is content to just sit back and wait to be told what to do because they lack the nutsack to make choices for themselves.

Well, I’m sick of it.

If you are afraid to make choices for yourself, then shut your mouth when you think about saying something to those who are willing to make the choice to accept the risks and go about their lives anyway.

I honestly don’t care if this pisses you off and you unsubscribe because of it.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those in power want as many people fully relying on them as possible because that makes it easier to stay in power. The last thing I want for my kids is for them to become dependent on something else for their safety and security. I want them to think for themselves, make adjustments to mitigate risks and LIVE life as they see fit.

That’s what any parent should want for their kids.

As a parent, I’m proud as hell of those skater kids. Our youth need to rebel. They need to question authority. They need to have the balls to stand up and say “f*ck you” when the government tries to abuse their power.

If you disagree, you’re already lost and I hope that your children and theirs find the courage they need elsewhere because this isn’t just about skating. This is about not kneeling to authority just because they tell you to.

Freedom is gonna ring. If you don’t want to hear it, cover your ears.

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