Fallen Empire

The sewers over flow and the rancid smell of rot permeates our post-modernist world today because people have fallen into their fear of choosing a side. People fear choosing sides because they fear the responsibility and the consequences that come with choosing a side.

Rather than being willing to stand up for anything they believe in against any kind of odds at all, they are now mostly resigned to seek the path of least resistance where any consequences for their own actions can be blamed on someone else.

They stand in the middle of the road refusing to make a decision of their own, waiting to be given directions. 

The problem with being in the middle of the road is that sooner or later, you’re going to get run over. But when they get hit, rather than take responsibility for standing in the middle of the road, they cast blame at anyone left standing.

This modern-day phenomenon has given birth to not one, but two of the most outrageous and malicious love-children of today’s society. 

Victim Culture and Cancel Culture; the illegitimate and abused children of the same unholy union.

 In victim culture, no matter where one stands he is always the oppressed. Nothing that happens to him is of his own design; none of his decisions were made of his own volition but charged and induced by some imaginary oppressive tyrannical force. 

It began with the bully / bullied paradigm in which the bully is empowered to continue bullying by having never received any kind of push back or consequences for his behavior. Seeing that he can get away with being a bully, he is emboldened to go out and continue and to escalate his bullying behavior driven solely by the belief that he can and will always get away with it.

It is only when the bully gets punched in the mouth by someone who will not stand for it that the world that he has built on a foundation of false beliefs comes crumbling down around him and he suddenly sees himself as the oppressed, never the oppressor who got what was coming to him.

Cancel culture is nothing more than the younger and forgotten bastard who seeks the praise of his parents as a sort of penance to be paid for his misdeeds. Manifested by a mob-mentality, indignant and self righteous seeking to use the same methods of the bully to pressure anyone and everyone into changing their personal beliefs; into going against their own principles and values by using public shame and the threat of violence as their motivational tactics.

In seeing themselves as victims and projecting their unresolved teenage angst and imagined oppression, they regard anyone with an iota of success as privileged or immoral.

They themselves must be the truly moral that wait for their rewards in some heaven or another. Any virtues that they find to be difficult to obtain they mark as wicked or evil and place themselves on a wilted and rotting pedestal adorned in a faux glory obtained through a race to the bottom of the barrel.

This is why the mob will collectively lose its shit the very first time it encounters someone or something that cannot be shamed or pressured into backing down, someone who refuses to kneel and apologize. Their world built upon the same false beliefs as the bully comes falling down around them and they look to themselves as only the victims of this tyrannical oppressor who they first sought to victimize themselves.

Pure irony.

So what’s the answer to these bastard children and their reign of idiocracy?

In a word, BALLS.

The big, hairy, and frequently drained balls of the Man who refuses to give in to shaming tactics and bullying. The Man who will stand his ground and defend it with a fist if necessary. The Man who will fully accept the consequences of such things because he knows in his balls that it’s right, that the loudest doesn’t always mean right.

Without that Man, that savage barbarian who is comfortable with never being allowed within the walls of the empire, those very same walls will soon overflow with the rose colored filth that’s been relabeled as “woke”.

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