The Outlaw

Why Do We Love Outlaws? From Jessie James to Billy the Kid there is just something about them. There isn’t a man worth his salt that doesn’t admire and on some level dream of the outlaw lifestyle. But why is that? Why do we cheer for the bad guy? It isn’t because we oppose the …

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Am I Enough?

“When faced with crisis, the world turns to us to fix it. They don’t seek out children, They don’t seek out women. At the end of the day, when the SHTF the world looks to us and says DO YOUR JOB.”

A Rite of Passage

Many cultures will not allow a boy to progress to the status of manhood without first completing a ritual to demonstrate their prowess. For the Spartans it was the Krypteia where they had to use the training they had received during the Agoge. For the Native American Mandan Tribe there was the Okipa. Now, I’m …

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