The Dying of the Light

“The only way to answer the “how” is to figure out the why. Men must have a mission to fulfill. A purpose to the fight. They must find the reason within them to get angry with the status quo. Something that is going to drive them to endure the struggle that is surely to come.”

Depravity. Debauchery. Indifference.

“For years we have seen the effects of indifference cascading into an avalanche as people stood idly by and did nothing. But now all of that is changing. People have had enough and are fighting back, drawing lines in the sand, and sharpening their axes for the battle that is inevitably coming.”

Man Divided By Nature

“When a machine is built, it isn’t conscious of the other purposes it could be used for outside of it operating parameters, predetermined at its conception by its Gods. It can only function efficiently as it was originally designed. People are the same way.”

Order Restored

Nature doesn’t play by our rules. It moves in an autonomous cycle purely of its own volition. You see, the space between our brains…the lizard part of the brain…can’t be turned off. We’re built to survive. To fight. No amount of taming can be done to such beasts. You see it all the time when …

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The Wildfire

If you haven’t read the book SANCTION by Roman McClay, you are doing yourself a disservice. The opening alone is what inspired this work. In the 1980’s and 90’s The U.S. Forest Service implemented a program to control wildfires. Seems honorable enough, but they didn’t account for the fact that nature herself already had a …

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