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Alone On The Mountain: Part 1

Into the unknown. That is where the heart of Man seeks to go most of all. When I arrived at the trail head that Tuesday morning I could see that I wasn’t the only one with the mountain lying heavy on my heart. Day hikers, families, elderly couples and church groups had all made their …

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Fallen Empire

Victim Culture and Cancel Culture; the illegitimate and abused children of the same unholy union.


A man will constantly be pulled towards the empty space by his own nature like a tongue looking for a missing tooth.

3…2…1…Blast Off

That is after all, the point of raising our children. We want to make them as competent and capable as possible so that they can navigate the world on their own using the guidance and lessons given to them by us.

Are You Raising Your Children to be Afraid?

By becoming hyper-reactive and fearful, we teach them to do the same. As they watch us cling to the nightly news for word of what to be afraid of, we risk teaching them to become dependent on it and less able to think freely and make their own conclusions.

Is All the World Jails and Churches?

"You've heard it before that America doesn't have a culture. I call bullshit. Our culture is purely and simply "F*CK YOU". This nation was built on rebellion. We've told kings to to piss off and killed the men he sent after us."